Dance means turning Music into movement

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

What is musicality in salsa? Well, the above statement is pretty much the sum up of the term. Whether you are dancing or listening to music, the mood of the a particular song will undoubtedly trigger emotions. Initially when you start dancing, music is associated only with the counts, and your main aim will be finding the dreaded ‘one’ (quite rightly:-). As you go along and get more experienced in your dance, you will start feeling, rather than counting the music. You will start recognising the various instruments used in each Salsa song. This is when interpreting the music will starts playing a big part in your dance. Depending on the song, your mood, the partner, you will dance differently. You will start feeling the dance and enjoying it at a new level, which is way beyond the steps. And no matter what level you are at, always remember that the best dancers are not the ones mastering a hundred turns and having an immaculate technique, but the ones that are having the most fun.

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