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The mindfulness of salsa

Updated: Feb 21

I have always felt something calming and reassuring in the stable patterns of music, the

predictability of its structure, and a sense of fulfilment in matching a body movement to the

specific beats of a song. When the music is playing, the brain and the body become one with

the rhythm and all the stresses, worries and troubles momentarily fade away.

For the length of any dance class, all that matters is the 1 2 3 4 and moving in time with the


Since a tender age, dance has been my shelter when I felt stressed or overwhelmed, as well

as a place of happiness, connection, creativity and fun. Ballet, jazz and later salsa have

provided me a chance not only to learn beautiful routines, improve my technique and

strengthening my body but also an opportunity to meet friends for life, interesting new

people and creative and stimulating minds.

As the founder of Weybridge Salsa, running salsa classes and events in and around

Weybridge I am grateful to be able to create an environment where adults can learn a

beautiful, fun dance while working on their fitness, strength and coordination as well as

offering a place where people can destress and be part of a lovely group with a common


Salsa is an inclusive, low impact dance. The beauty of it is that any – body (literally any type

of body) can do it and learn it to different levels, which is why its community is so diverse

and varied.

It is a great form of exercise, it strengthens the muscles, increases flexibility and improves

coordination. Learning different routines is an excellent way to keep the brain working and

engaged. Salsa is upbeat and fun and the perfect energizer at the end of a sedentary day.

The classes are a great place to meet new people, socialise, wind down and connect.

Last but not least, the lessons provide a truly mindful moment where people can immerse

themselves in the beautiful rhythms of the clave and the conga and focus on the

movements, dancing harmonically with another person while putting on hold everything

else in life.

So whether you are looking for a great way to stay fit, keep active physically and mentally,

meet new people or find a happy, stress-free place, try out our salsa classes and get

addicted to this beautiful dance!

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