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Roberta was born and raised in Milan, Italy and started ballet at the age of 5. At the age of 17 she approached Street Dance and Jazz, winning a summer scholarship for Vignale Danza in 2002. In 2005 she moved to London where she developed a passion for Salsa. She trained in Cuban and Porto Rican styles first and then fell in love with New York style. She attended numerous workshops and masterclasses with some of the best NY dancers. Alongside her salsa training, Roberta continued her ballet and contemporary dance studies and in 2009 obtained a Certificate in Performing Arts and Contemporary Dance at the Birkbeck University. With the influence of her younger sister, professional tango dancer Caterina, Roberta took up Tango studies, while still teaching salsa in different venues in and around London. In the latest years Roberta has continued to train in ballet while returning to teach Salsa. Her extensive training, eclectic taste in music and interest in different dance genres make her a versatile and enthusiastic teacher.




Ewa started Latin and Ballroom dance at the age of 8, then changed to Salsa at the age of 17. Ewa took part in numerous dance workshops and congresses around Europe and entered various national dance competitions in Poland (Vice Champion IDO Salsa Competition, Vice Champion Show Dance). In 2001 she joined one of the first Salsa dance companies in Poland and gained extensive performance experience, taking part in dance shows on cruise ships "Stena Line"; performing as backup dancer for TV concerts along Jose Torres, and featuring in many more shows. In 2007 Ewa moved to the UK, where she continued her latin dance training and additionaly took up ballet to strengthen her technique. Ewa is renowned in salsa for her smooth and feminine salsa styling as well as for her patient and nurturing teaching approach.

Salsa is a fun and uplifting social dance which we truly believe benefits both body and soul. Its technique though seems much easier than it actually is. At Weybridge Salsa we are committed to create and nurture a salsa community, where leaders and followers are taught properly and in a professional way, without losing though the warmth and fun that this latin dance brings to the spirit.
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Assistant Teacher

Pawel started his adventure with dance at University and has quickly progressed through a thorough education in The Salsa Kings (now Dance Avenue) in Poland. He has attended various Salsa congresses and workshops in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic to name a few. His bubbly personality and amazing sense of humour is what makes each class and event an energy boosting, fun filled time.



DJ Blian

Dj Blian has been dj-ing Salsa and Bachata music since 2009, playing a varied mix of Salsa Moderna, Dura, Guanguanco, Timba and Romantica, as well as Sensual and Dominican Bachata.

He is an invaluable part of the Weybridge Salsa team and inspires our dancers during our regular events!