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Private Classes and Events 

Salsa Private Classes

Private Salsa Classes

Whether you are too busy to join one of our courses, would like to catch up with a course that has already started, or simply prefer a one to one class, contact us for more information.
You will be surprised how quickly you will improve after just a few classes! 

If you do not feel comfortable joining one of our group classes, please get in touch and we can arrange for private classes, in the comfort of your home or in one of our halls.


Please note that cancellation less than 24h before your class will be charged at normal price. 


Ewa Zawadzka

Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance

Your wedding day is bound to be one of the most memorable days of your life. Why not make it even more special, by preparing your very own wedding dance. We can help you choose the music, genre, and will help you put together a great choreography based on your prefernces and abilities.

Please note that cancellation less than 24h before your class will be charged at normal price. 


Roberta Cuppari

corporate events and activities

Private and Corporate Events

Looking for a fun team bonding experience, an activity to celebrate different cultures or planning an engaging charity night ?

We would love to get involved and provide salsa and latin entertainment to your special do!

Contact us to discuss your needs!


Ewa Zawadzka



Salsa is a fun and uplifting social dance which we truly believe benefits both body and soul. However, its technique appears much easier than it actually is. At Weybridge Salsa, we are committed to creating and nurturing a salsa community, where leaders and followers are taught properly and in a professional way, without losing the warmth and fun that this Latin dance brings to the spirit.


You can wear whatever you like, as long as you feel comfortable. As far as shoes are concerned, if you do not own salsa shoes, you can wear any other type of shoe, but make sure they are practical for dance. We advise women not to wear high heels unless they are proper salsa shoes.

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