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The Valentine's Day dance story...

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Since I can reach back with my memory, my life would always revolve around dance. From studying at night as a child, so that my parents would allow me to go to dance classes; to later on in life spending all my afternoons and weekends at the dance studio. Nothing would distract me and nothing from the teenage/ young age thrills was appealing to me apart from dance. All my energy was focused there and nothing or nobody would distract me. It felt like nobody apart from a dancer would ever understand me, as people often misunderstand dance, misinterpret the movements (especially in Latin and salsa dances). This was the reason why most of my close friends and life partners were dancers..

Until one day a very smiley student decided to join some dance classes in the dance company I was part of. I don’t think he could fully understand at first, how we can all be so addicted to Salsa and other dance styles. Soon enough we made sure though to get him to participate in a few congresses, workshops, evening socials and the addiction was passed onto him (success!). With his music and sports background he picked up salsa so fast, that he soon became a companion for all our social outings. Now 14 years, 2 kids, 2 countries and several flats later, he continues being the best dance partner, life companion and friend I could have ever dreamt of. Enjoy the photo from an article about our story (Newsweek 02/04/2006).

Happy Valentine’s everyone, see you at the classes on 14th February!


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Great photo!!

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