Post Natal Salsa Classes 

Mother and Baby

IMPORTANT NOTE: Post natal classes are currently suspended. In the meantime, if you have passed your 8 weeks post natal check and you have the OK from your GP to resume physical activity, why not join our online Individual Salsas Workout? It will help you get back to strength and have fun at the same time!

Baby and Mum

What better way to get back into shape after pregnancy than by dancing salsa with your little bundle of joy?

This class is designed for mums and babies (6 weeks to 6 months) and aims to getting new mums back to shape as well as bringing some fun while teaching this uplifting dance.
The class consists of a latin warm up, followed by salsa routines and core strengthening exercises, and finishing with gentle stretching.
Mums can carry their babies in a sling or have them relaxing in a car seat or on a mat on the floor - babies love to listen to upbeat tunes!

Getting back into shape after pregnancy is not always easy; finding the time, spirit and energy to exercise sometimes a real challenge.
As a mum of 3, I know fully well how tiring being in charge of a tiny human can be and at times changing from PJ into normal clothing might seem a colossal achievement per se. Getting out of the house and into an exercise routine as soon as possible (6 weeks for natural birth, 8 weeks for C-sec) is proven to help mums regain their energy, fitness and confidence back. As a salsa dancer, I look forward to teaching this great dance that mums can continue study once the baby is not a baby anymore.

Roberta Cuppari


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